Open Positions

CryptoNext Security is a tightly-knit team of talented individuals with a passion for innovation. At CryptoNext, we all see challenges as opportunities and strive to look beyond pre-defined solutions ‘that have always been here’. We fully understand the needs and preoocupations of our customers and partners as well our team members. We are in a business based on mutual trust.

It is our shared responsibility to design, deploy and support solutions that rise to the challenge of post-quantum cybersecurity. If you are willing and motivated team-player, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always on the look out for new talent.

Reasearch and development Engineer Internship

CryptoNext Security offer Internship opportunities with its research and development team to people, passionate about technology and earger to learn and contribute. See decription (in French language)...

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R&D Cryptography Software Integration Engineer

Goal is to develop easy to use, innovative, certified, secured with efficient implementation software products for Post Quantum Cryptography remediation. To that en, we are looking for cryptography software intergration engineer. See job description...

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Research and Development Cryptograpy Engineer

The research and development engineer in post-quantum cryptography, will be responsible for designing and implementing standard cryptographic algorithms and protocols that are resistant to attacks from quantum computers. See Job description

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