Our Journey

CryptoNext Security is a pioneer in post-quantum cryptography. The company was founded in 2019 as a start-up after 20 years+ of founders academic research at the Sorbonne University (SU), INRIA and CNRS in Paris.

Today, it is a recognized leader in the post-quantum cryptography technology thanks to several milestone achievements.

CryptoNext Milestones

Leadership Team

Florent Grosmaitre
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Florent joined Cryptonext in 2021, bringing over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience to drive the compay’s scale-up. Florent has founded and managed several startups and SMEs in France, Europe and Russia, mostly in the software industry. He led the piloting for Actibase, a medical imaging software company that he sold to a European leader in 2020. Florent graduated from the Ecole Nationale d’Arts et Métiers, an engineering school and olds an executive masters in entrepreurship from the HEC.

Jean-Charles Faugère
Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jean-Charles Faugère is a pioneer in quantum-safe cryptography and the co-author of several algorithms submitted to the on-going NIST post-quantum standardization process. Prior to Cryptonext, he was the research director at INRIA and headed up the INRIA x Sorbonne University joint team. He was awarded the Seymour Cray prize for high-performance computing software and the Atos & Fourier prize for his contributions to quantum-safe cryptography. Jean-Charles is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure Ulm in mathematics.

Christian d’Orival
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)

Christian joined Cryptonext in 2022 with over 30 years of executive business development and revenue operations management experience. His previous roles include President & CEO at Luceor, COO at DenyAll (Rhode & Schwarz Cyber) and SEMEA Enterprise Sales Director at Juniper Networks. He was instrumental in the setup and development of SEMEA at US-based companies including Peribit, Aspect and SGI. Christia holds an engineering degree from Institut Supérieur d’Electronique de Paris.

René Martin
Chief Product Officer (CPO)

René joined in October 2023 and comes to CryptoNext with over 30 years executive R&D and business unit management, including leadership since 2010 of Trustway, a business unit of Atos-Eviden, where he served as Executive Director. René holds a DESS computer science degree from Paris VI University.

Board Of Directors

Florent Grosmaitre (CEO)

Jean-Charles Faugère (CTO & Co-Founder)

SATT Lutech (University Technology Transfer Representative)

Olivier Tonneau – Quantonation (Leading Ventures Fund dedicated to Quantum)

Denis Mercier: Deputy General Manager of Fives Group,
Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation

Advisory Board

P. Duluc, CTO Big Data & Security, ATOS

Robert Marino, Founder of DeepTech Founders

Damien Stehlé : Professor at ENS Lyon, CNRS Bronze medal 2012, worldwide cryptography expert (author of Kyber & Dilithium cryptosystems selected by NIST)

David Chetrit, First Vic-President Head of Go-To-Market EMEA & Strategic Alliances, Kudelski Security

Elisabeth Markart MBA CQF : Independent Board Director 

Work At CryptoNext

CryptoNext Security is a tightly-knit team of talented individuals with a passion for innovation. At CryptoNext, we all see challenges as opportunities and strive to look beyond pre-defined solutions ‘that have always been here’. We fully understand the needs and preoocupations of our customers and partners as well our team members. We are in a business based on mutual trust.

It is our shared responsibility to design, deploy and support solutions that rise to the challenge of post-quantum cybersecurity. If you are willing and motivated team-player, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are always on the look out for new talent.

CryptoNext Values


Visionary Thinking. Excellence. Collaboration. Commitment. Real Results.

CryptoNext Personnality


Smart. Confident. Committed. Open to Partnerships. Driven by Results

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CryptoNext's Milestones

2015 The French Ministry of Defense asks Jean-Charles Faugère and Ludovic Perret to integrate quantum resistant software in a communication encryption application for standard mobile phones. Following its implementation, the French MOD conducts a real life field experiment with 150 smartphones used by militaries. Its success leads to a new development project with SATT Lutech in the same year.

2016 CryptoNext’s founders submit a PQC signature algorithm in response to the NIST PQC Call to define new standards. The growing threat perceived with the progress of Quantum computing drives interest in Post-Quantum cryptography. 

2019 The growing threat perceived with the progress of Quantum computing has amplified interest in Post-Quantum cryptography. Jean-Charles Faugère, Chief Technical Officer of CryptoNext Security, and Ludovic Perret create the company in May 2019 and raise their first capital in 2020 with Quantonation Venture Capital, the first fund dedicated to Quantum Technology startups, and SATT Lutech for the Sorbonne University and INRIA.

2020 CryptoNext Security is awarded the prestigious innovation i-Lab prize by the French Investment Bank (BPI) and are the only international team to receive an award in the Chinese Association for Cryptologic Research (CACR) competition.

2021 Florent Grosmaitre, joins as Chief Executive Officer. In August, the Inside Quantum Technology organisation identifies CryptoNext as a European leader in PQC and in October, Gartner places CryptoNext Security among the five top leading vendors of Post Quantum Cryptography. CryptoNext Security's founders who did participate from inception to the NIST competition targeted at defining new standards for public key cryptography have their proposal selected to enter the final round of the competition (3rd round). CryptoNext Security is shortlisted among 1000+ start-ups as a “Future 40” most promising technology startup by Station F, the largest start-up incubator in Europe.

2022 Christian d'Orival joins as Chief Revenue Officer. CryptoNext wins the “Prix de l’Innovation des Assises 2022” , selected from a shortlist of 50 by a jury of Chief Information Security Officers at global companies. Les Assises is one of the most prestigious cybersecurity events in Europe, held every year in Monaco. In November 2022, CryptoNext is invited to join the National Cryptography Center of Excellence (NCCoE), a NIST work group dedicated to Post-Quantum migration.

2023 René Martin joins as Chief Product Officer. CryptoNext Security secures 11M€ funding, thanks to a continuous support from Quantonation, and the participation of AXA Venture Partners and Auriga Cyber Ventures, to accelerate industrialization and worldwide adoption of its Quantum Safe Remediation Solutions.

CryptoNext's Vision & Mission

The upcoming Post-Quantum Cybersecurity revolution generated by the progress of Quantum Computing and its collateral Quantum threat requires intelligent, fully-controlled, organization-wide data & communications protection for operational performance, security and sustainability.

At CryptoNext, we are committed to providing optimal end-to-end post-quantum cybersecurity migration tools solutions for IT/OT infrastructures & applications to enable governments, enterprises & organizations to deliver long-term and undisputed trusted services.  

Our comprehensive, hi-performance, agile software tool suite is designed to secure critical data, applications and systems long-term.

It smoothly integrates in most popular communication and authentication infrastructures, systems and applications, and comes with our commitment to meet the highest SLAs for security, performance, inbound and outbound agility, straightforward deployment and long-term support, as well as total cost of implementation and ownership.