Post-Quantum Remediation

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Quantum computers are capable of breaking public-key cryptosystems in seconds. Next generation post-quantum cryptosystems are out there. Our mission is ultimate post-quantum remediation.

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Take Control of your Migration

The transition to Quantum Safe Systems & Applications goes far beyond defining new cryptographic algorithms that can resist Quantum Computer attacks. If Post-Quantum remediation is not implemented in the right way, they will open to vulnerabilities. The Post-Quantum era requires a transition from a single standard for public-key cryptosystems to an ecosystem of standards depending on functions, use cases or regulations.

Taking control means bringing remediation technology and know-how to every stage of migration projects and operations, but also future scalability and optimum cost of ownership at all levels, whether implementing systems, infrastructure and/or applications post-quantum security.

Our Remediation Technology

The Quantum Safe Software Suite

CryptoNext Quantum Safe Remediation (C-QSR) is an effective, simple, sustainable solution: an integrated suite of interoperable post-quantum software tools that leverage each other based on CryptoNext’s core library (C-QSL). Designed with long-term agility, hybridization capability and evolution in mind, it enables multi-layer migration for applications, data and infrastructure with ultimate PQ security and performance.

Our remediation software products are available at all levels:  algorithms (QSL Library), protocols and crypto objects (QSC Services), development tools (C-QST Tools) and application plugins (C-QSA Applications).









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Services That Adapt To Your Needs

We support our customers at every step of their quantum transition process. Our role is to ensure a smooth migration path, long-term controlled deployment and optimum operating costs. Our services include training, project management, technical consulting along with support and maintenance programs managed from our CryptoNext Technical Assistance Center (CTAC).

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Field Proven Solutions

From application design to secured communications,  from networking infrastructure to  identity & access management, digital signature solutions, and blockchain or industrial IoT, our PQ cybersecurity solutions have already been deployed in the field. 









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April 10, 2024

Tiempo Secure - CryptoNext Security partnership, bringing High-End Post-Quantic IP Security innovation to the next level

CryptoNext Security, recognized as a key innovator in post-quantum cryptographic technologies, and Tiempo Secure, a leading provider of high-end secure IP semiconductor solutions, proudly announce a unique innovation partnership, aimed at providing cutting-edge post-quantum security solutions. Leveraging their combined expertise in post-quantum software and secure hardware cryptography, they will accelerate the introduction of robust, innovative, and post-quantum resilient security solutions, from hardware to software applications, and communications protocols for system-on-chip providers.

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Banque de France

Banque de France Quantum Safe VPN

Create a full chain of trusted communications: quantum safe VPN with quantum safe authentication.

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